Saturday, August 29, 2015

The fishtail braid

Happy Saturday everyone! Today, I’m presenting you an other hairstyle that is easy and quick to reproduce. In collaboration with my long-time friend and hairstylist Charles-Antoine Bussière, we have prepared this little tutorial for you.

The fishtail braid is relly trendy, pretty and romantic. They can look elegant or messy depending on how you are wearing it. I really love this look that can seems a little bit intimidating, but with a good technique and after a few tries you will be really good at it. There’s a lot of ways to wear it, today we are proposing you this one..

First of all, you will have to curl your hair and then you can divide your hair in two large sections (make a centre parting). Then you have to take two hair strands from your hairline and start braiding. Now you will have to take a small strands from the back of one of your two sections and you have to pull it over the other one. 

Repeat the process with the second section and keep alterning sides while adding hair strands (if you want the look of the french braid).

Make an other braid on the other side of your head and join the two braids at the back of your head. 

Tie off the end and that’s it ! You have a simple and lovely look for the busy mornings. You can also take a few strands out of the braids to have a more messy and relax look.

Thank to my amazing friend !
With love

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer maxi

Happy Thuesday everyone ! First of all, I shall say a word of thanks to you all for following my blog and I hope that you appreciate my weekly post.

Maxidresses are very trendy since a few years and 2015 is no exception! I loveeee maxidresses, they are elegant, easy to wear and oh SO comfortable. My closet is actually stuffed to the brim with maxi ! Today I’m sharing with you an other dress that I’m totally crushing for. I have a love story with this dress; the print is so pretty, but I think that it’s the neckline that is giving a rare charm to the dress.

I had spotted this lovely wall covered with leaves in downtown and I really wanted to make a look for the blog there. This wall inspired me a lot, but I wasn’t thinking that the result would be that WOW! It’s really emphazises the color of the dress (thanks Francis!).

Well, I love maxidresses and that’s not a secret for anybody now !

With love

Maxidress : Forever 21
Hat : H&M
Clutch : Forever 21

Monday, August 3, 2015

Endless summer

Endless summer

I love to use Polyvore as a search and shopping tool to find really nice inspiration for looks and home decoration. The great thing about Polyvore is that you can create your own sets and share them with the community. That’s why I decided to share with you from time to time some of my sets on the blog. I will create thematic sets and you will be able to shop online all the items that I will be presenting you.

I really love pink, in fact I adore this color, specially a neutral pink like this one. I’m sharing with you a selection of my favourites finds of the week. You just have to click on the item and you will be redirect to the online store, isn’t it fabulous!?